Vox Iterators

23.5.13 Vox Iterators

Vox Iterators are a special kind of gem that you can insert into a vocal fob to change the appearance of your tells. Vocal fobs can be purchased from Qeddwyn for 5000 gold. You only ever need to purchase one fob, as they will never decay and reset to you. You must be wearing the fob for it to work properly. Sending a tell in any language that's not Aetolian will disable the vox's effect for the tell.

   Lists the vox iterators currently in your vocal fob

VOX <type> VIEW
   View more information on a vox iterator in your vocal fob.

VOX INSERT <vox iterator item>
   Inserts a vox iterator into your vocal fob. This is a permanent choice. Once inserted, the vox iterator cannot be removed again.

   Sets your current vox type. You can only change your vox type once every Howling. You can select 'none' to go back to using regular tells.