Utility and Vial Artifacts

23.3.17 Utility and Vial Artifacts


AP: L1, L2, L3 expand_fluidcache                                                  
    Expands max sips of each fluid in the fluidcache.
    - L1 expand_fluidcache   to 2500              100 cr
    - L2 expand_fluidcache   to 4000              200 cr
    - L3 expand_fluidcache   to 6000              400 cr


AP: artifact_vial                                  50 cr
    - A vial that will never decay and can hold up to 100 applications.
    AP LIST VIAL to see selection and determine Artifact Number.

AP: artifact_rag        a gold-trim cloth          50 cr
    - A rag for venoms that will never decay and holds up to 200 applications.