The Duel

18.1.6 The Duel

Held by the city of Esterport, the Duel is a long standing tournament born in Delos.

The Duel is a massive gauntlet of one-on-one fights where combatants rise through the brackets by defeating their opponents in single combat.

The last warrior standing in the tournament is granted the Rapier of the Master Duelist, a powerful artifact capable of singling out enemy fighters and challenging them to a one-on-one fight to the death.

The Rapier works as follows:

- The Rapier must be wielded to use its power.
- POINT the Rapier at your target to trap yourself and your target in an inescapable two room arena.
- The challenged victim may choose to SURRENDER quickly to back out of the fight, while shaming themselves publicly.
- If the user fails to slay their victim in a designated amount of time, the Rapier holder dies.
- This power may only be invoked rarely.