9.8.11 Taxidermy

The talent of Taxidermy can be learned from Vroas in Esterport for 70 credits.

Vroas' shop also sells designs so that taxidermists can design their own pieces.

DESIGN REQUEST - creates a blank design pattern
DESIGN <your new pattern #> COPY <pattern to be copied from WARES>
DESIGN on its own will return the various syntaxes.

Taxidermy designs come in three tiers.
- Trophies, Preservations (specimens), and Tanned pieces are able to be made from any corpse.
- Mounted items can only be made from non-sentient corpses.
- Displays and scenes require a Pristine corpse (which drop rarely from non-sentient beasts). Note that Pristine corpses are more common from common beasts, and less common from more grandiose creatures. Unlike normal corpses, they'll take far longer to decay and cannot be offered.

Once you have submitted your design through the crafting guild and had it approved, you CRAFT <design>. All Taxidermy designs require a jar of embalming fluid, which can be bought from Vroas (ASK VROAS WARES).

Remember, all crafting rules and guidelines apply.