9.4.3 Tattoos

The skill of Tattoos is an ancient one, having been discovered and perfected by the earliest Tsol'aa. Using special dry-powder inks crushed from rocks, the tattoo artist magically inscribes, without a needle, various types of symbols onto a body (his own, or another's).

Each type of tattoo requires a different combination of inks. In order to ink a tattoo, the syntax is: INK <tattoo> ON <body part> OF <player/me>. The available body parts are: head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. Inking a tattoo requires that you have the proper inks in your inventory, and it will take approximately 25 seconds, during which neither the inker nor the inkee may do anything. Usually, one may find ink for sale at the various markets in the land.

Obsidian ink, which is required to ink the more valuable tattoos such as Book, Flame, and Wand, are not available from rocks and may be purchased from general stores.

As you learn higher in the skill of Tattoos, you will be able to place more and more tattoos on your body, until such time as you are able to place two tattoos on each bodypart, for a maximum of 12 tattoos upon your person.

Tattoos come in a number of varieties. Most you will TOUCH in order to use, while others will work automatically under certain circumstances. Some tattoos have a limited number of uses, while some have a chance of wearing off after each use.

Pravna, located within Esterport, has a tattoo parlor where he can ink all tattoos for a cost. ASK PRAVNA <tattoo> will tell you the function of each. 

If you wish to purchase an artifact tattoo, there is a parlor IN from Qeddwyn in Esterport that provides them. They cost 100 credits each. BUY <tattoo> ON <limb>.

Typing TATTOOS will show you what tattoos you currently bear. WIPE OFF <tattoo> will remove a tattoo immediately.