Talent General Guidelines

22.2.9 Talent General Guidelines

Talents! They are like tradeskills, but smaller. Some of them allow you to submit customized designs. These are guidelines concerning them in bulk.

1. Floristry must provide at least one flower for each type used in the design. If the flower does not exist in the game, you can't use it in a design.

2. Luthier, Ventier, and Tambourier should all use realistic materials for the instruments. Do not create modern-styled items.

3. It should go without saying, but don't expect crude or OOC items to be approved. This is mostly a note for Pyrotechnics, which allows you to create fireworks.

4. Fumology candles/incense can use dye tags, but the dye tags do not work in anywhere beyond the appearance/dropped/examined.

When in doubt, ask Becue.