Storytelling Contest

18.5.5 Storytelling Contest

In a Storytelling Contest, you'll be presented with a set of words that will serve as your writing prompt, and will need to regale the audience with an impromptu story featuring those words over the course of ten minutes time.

When it is your turn, you will be given three words at random. You may choose to reroll one of the words one time only. These three words need to form the basis of your story, and essentially serve as your writing prompt.

After you have been given your words, you will have ten minutes time to complete your story. This does not mean you tell your story at the end of the ten minutes, but instead you tell it bit by bit over the course of the ten minutes. Your ability to consistently throw out lines in the story will be one of the factors that are judged.

* No profanity, follow HELP LANGUAGE RULES.
* Stories must be set in the Aetolia universe (e.g. can't set it in New York, Middle Earth, etc), but don't necessarily have to follow its rules/logic.
* Nothing overtly sexual.
* Nothing that's just constant bashing of another character, but poking fun is okay. e.g. poking fun at Razmael's cooking skills is okay, but spending your entire story insulting Razmael is not going to fly.

Judging criteria
These are the main factors that will influence the results of your story:
* Creativity
* Quality (of writing)
* How well you utilize your three words
* Effective use of time given