13.13 Spars

The Midnight Age is a time of danger and conflict, and so as a result
many people live solely to grow stronger in the ways of battle, be it
for honor, fame, power, idealism or in some cases, entertainment. As a
result, a system was developed so that those who wished to fight others
could, without ramifications.

Known loosely as the 'sparring system', anyone who dedicates themselves
to the list is committed to constant potential challenge from fellow
sparrers. And though you are allowed to refuse, where is the honor in

- SPAR ADD will add you to the list of people who want to spar. Be
warned that this will reveal your location despite the various defenses
you have up (such as gem, phase, soulmask).

- SPAR REMOVE will remove you from this list. You will be automatically
removed when you log out, die outside of the arena or use this command.

- SPAR WHO will list everyone who wants to spar. You will see their
relative might to yours and their combat ranking, if they have one.