Shattered Vortex

20.6.11 Shattered Vortex

This is the story of the Shattered Vortex. To learn about the Vortex area itself, review HELP VORTEX.

A long-forgotten sect of the Indoron fights tirelessly with groups of warriors of the light. Their endless battle started many an age ago and seems to see no stopping point in the future. It all began when a large sect of Indoron, known as the Aztob, found an unused section of the Aalen forest and built a temple there. Using dark arts, they hid it from the rest of the world and began to make plans all their own. 

The Aztob felt that the Chaos Plane needed to be merged with the Prime Material Plane in order for the world to be truly whole. With this thought in mind, they started working on bridging the Prime Material Plane to the Chaos Plane - opening a portal to allow them ease of travel and a way for them to split their efforts between the two planes.

The ripple of this portal opening was felt by those of Shallam and Eleusis - various of either place feeling the wave of dark energy that this was bringing. Of these people, a Priest named Ashto and a Magi named Junal managed to determine the energy was coming from the Aalen and managed to tear down the magic hiding the now large fortress temple.

The energy from the Chaos plane was already flooding into the temple and nearby areas around it, the chaos plane slowing wavering in and out of view to merge with what was available to it. Ashto and Junal quickly called upon their allies and, with a combined effort from all, managed to create a vortex to push the tainted areas into. Something went awry, however. As the temple and forest shattered, the valiant warriors were sucked into the vortex along with the Aztob.

Now, the Aztob still try to combine their land to the Chaos Plane - holding the remains of the forest as the perfect ground to do so. To do this, they must bring the Vortex back to the Prime Material Plane. The warriors that ended up trapped in there with the Aztob named themselves the Demonsbane and fight valiantly every single day to ensure that they can take control of that forest and return balance to the Vortex in hopes of one day returning home and seeing an official end to the Aztob.

This Vortex was timelocked. Time began to slowly creep in and, eventually, all those of abilities who no longer exist in our world were extinguished. No longer will you find Priests, Paladins, or Druids roaming the plane. When this moment happened, the Aztob found their opportunity to open a portal outwards - allowing Mandre and some Indorani to escape. However, those of Enorian and Duiran managed to close this access and returned the world to being locked out from reaching the Prime Material Plane. A handful of Ascendril and Sciomancers joined the fight after these events, keeping ready in the Vortex in case their respective allies need aid.