Second Characters

15.11 Second Characters

Multiple characters in Aetolia are allowed, but a higher standard of
roleplaying will generally be imposed upon those who play multiple
characters. Furthermore, using one for the purpose of helping the
other IN ANY WAY is strictly forbidden and will be met with the
harshest of punishments.

When we say "in any way," we mean it. This includes, but is not limited 
- Transferring any kind of goods or currency between characters.        
  This includes transferring credits purchased on the credit market.
(Credits purchased from the website are allowed to be transferred       
- Performing services for other characters or their associates.
- Fighting the battles of other characters.
- Spying or collecting information to help other characters.
- Two or more of your characters voting within the same election,       
regardless of their choices.  
- Having a second in your own Vampiric Bloodline for personal gain.