Scidve Cove

25.12.19 Scidve Cove

The first sights of the Dreikathi airships also saw their departure and a message from the great Polemarch Andalso. In Albedi, though mortal understanding of the language was broken, his message was clear: Invasion. Surrender or be destroyed.

As they departed, the panic and defiance that swept the realm was all but palpable. Naturally, months later, as the airships were spotted in the distance, emotions rose to a tumult. Soon rallied by Amalagamation Prototype One, a winged Ankyrean experiment discovered at the icy laboratory of the western tundra who had since been christened Amal, all walks of life convened at the Great Rock, intent upon destroying the invaders' ships.

Amal took to the skies as they approached and focused his efforts upon the propellers of one craft, driving the ship straight into the Silverdrop Inn and destroying it thoroughly. The next ship: that of the Polemarch himself, was greater and even more fearsome than the others. The Dreikathi forces were unleashed upon those who had assembled to help fight, but few proved of any effect against the foreigners and their advanced ways of battle. Those who remained standing when the dust settled continued the fight while Amal forged on to face the Dreikathi leader Andalso above the valley of Scidve.

Though the Ankyrean relic was valiant and brave in his efforts, the Polemarch eventually proved that Amal was no match for his prowess and the creature's neck was snapped. As his body fell the great distance to the ground, Andalso and his ship completed their descent on the western beaches of Scidve - on the Scidve Cove.

Remembered as the base of the Dreikathi military and as Sapience's claimed colony of the forces of Drakkenmont, Scidve Cove has been abandoned since the invaders were driven from the continent. Evidence of their inhabitance remains in the form of locked weapons caches, torched tents and ruins slowly being reclaimed by nature at the beach to the west and the valley from the east.