Rahn, Lord of Fire

11.3.8 Rahn, Lord of Fire

In the year 160 of the Midnight Age, the Essence of Rahn was torn from Him
and His influence on the world collapsed. Like the Lord of Truth, His order
and shrines were lost to Aetolia. For posterity, we keep His philosophy below: 

Into the depths of the fire, to the colorless portion of the flame, must the
ore be thrust.  For without the scalding heat, a simple metal will remain
impure.  Without the impetus to better the material, sullied and imperfect
shall it remain forever.

Thus it is with the soul.  Without the flame of conviction and dedication, a
mortal may never seek perfection.  Only through the pains of labor and
relentless improvement may a soul obtain its purest state.

Conviction alone is not enough to reach the epitome of self. While faith is the
fundamental tool in reaching closer to perfection, ability and practice are
integral to success. One must believe, as well as learn to wield oneself as the
master smith's hammer, rendering perfection unto the world.

Perfection is not obtained without sacrifice.  For in the process of forging,
metal is torn and bent and defeated as it moves to the shape of the smith's
intent.  The scars and pains of improvement are carried for a lifetime, each a
lesson and an urging of the spirit to ascend towards perfection.  Let it not be
said the sword chooses to forge itself; its destiny is painfully exacted by the
will of the creator.

Those who seek to smelt from their spirit the flaws and tarnishes of mortal
existence must begin to study the flame and its power.  For only through
purification in fire can one shed the chains of mediocrity and imperfection.