9.8.9 Pyrotechnics

The Pyrotechnics talent deals in the use of explosives for a variety of 
effects. Principally, pyrotechnic goods are made for a purely aesthetic 
quality, however some of the items created from this talent have some   
uses outside the aesthetic sphere.                                      

Pyrotechnics may be learned from Ferlbo in the Aetolian College.

Those who have mastered the art of Pyrotechnics may use their own       
inspiration in creating new, fantastic, and unique fireworks of their   
very own. For those feeling up to this unique challenge, Ferlbo         
maintains a stock of firework designs in his college laboratory.        

Pyrotechnics has a unique feature among the Aetolian crafting skills;   
the ability to create your own unique pattern that is displayed upon    
detonation. These patterns are created solely using the in-game editor, 
by utilizing a simple set of characters. Each character will create a   
uniquely colored block. Using these characters to create patterns and   
shapes, you are able to design a wide variety of images to suit your    

To begin editing, simply type DESIGN <#> BURST. This will launch the    
editor and allow you to view your current design.

|    Normal Colors     |                      
| Character |  Color   |  
|     r     |  red     |   Using capital letters will create the
|     g     |  green   |   BOLD (or bright) version of the color.
|     b     |  blue    |   Ex: R is bold red. G is bold green
|     y     |  yellow  |
|     m     |  magenta |
|     c     |  cyan    |
|     w     |  white   |

|            Random Colors           |  Using the symbol of each number
|------------------------------------|  key (! for 1, or @ for 2, etc)
| Character |     Possible Colors    |  will generate the random color
-------------------------------------|  only once and place it on all
|     1     | red / blue [bold]      |  of the locations.
|     2     | yellow / green [bold]  |  Examples: 11111 will generate a
|     3     | magenta / cyan [bold]  |  line that is interspersed with
|     4     | all bold colors        |  red and blue. !!!!! will
|     5     | all normal colors      |  generate a line that is either
--------------------------------------  entirely red or entirely blue.

When creating patterns, you are free to use spaces and lines as desired,
and these will create blank spaces in your pattern. Designs, however,   
are limited to a maximum of 18 lines long, by 70 characters wide.       

In addition to the burst effect, there are two other important features 
of a Pyrotechnics design. 'ground_explosion' is the text above the      
explosion that viewers will see if firework is lit before being properly
PULL'ed and DROP'ped, in order to set its stand. If a firework is       
properly setup before launching, the 'sky_explosion' message will       
instead be displayed.                                                   

You may edit those descriptions by using:

Once you have completed your design, you may submit it to the design    
queue to await approval. When your design has finished being approved,  
and you pay the associated fee, you may create your designs as follows: 
     COMPOUND [<quantity>] <design#>

Those who choose to create designs which would be considered generally  
inappropriate for viewers will find their ability to create them        
removed. This also includes creation of items that do not belong in
the game that reference OOC things.