Primality Primality

The energy that courses through the veins of all that lives is manifest in the art of Primality, the most direct skill in a Shaman's arsenal. By tapping into the primal energy derived from their natural magics and the bounty of gifts blessed upon them by Dendara, Primality allows the Shaman to shape powerful bursts of lightning, monumental storms of wind, and curses that drain vital forces themselves directly from their foe. Such is their connection to Nature, that they may even command nature around them to grow, lashing their foes with venomous vines and leaving their battered foe to be reclaimed by the Cycle itself.

As a Shaman communes with nature to bombard their foe, they will accrue a measure of natural energy, imbued within their person. While no primal abilities require this energy, a Shaman will find that accumulating natural energy will speed their assault, and allow them to directly boost abilities to add secondary, often dangerous effects to their strikes. Masters of Primality are even capable of quickening their own motions, allowing them to bombard a foe with empowered strikes regardless of their energy state. Directing the ebb and flow of nature through manuevering their quarterstaff, a Shaman versed in Primality is a mighty foe indeed.