8.23 Paladins

The two impressive towers of the Paladin fortress stand unwavering in   
the northwestern-most corner of Enorian, guarding all who call the      
Beacon of Light home. Here the Paladins learn their skills, enrich their
minds, and strengthen their resolve. The path of a Paladin is one of    
sacrifice, and of hardship, so that they may better prepare themselves  
for the challenges they might face. Considered the defenders of Enorian 
and their allies, the Paladin Knights stand strong in their opposition  
against the ever-adapting forces of Darkness, Corruption, and Artifice, 
facing them with steadfast faith and an iron will.
Becoming further aware of the changing faces of their adversaries and   
their duties as protectors of the Innocent and advocates of Light, the  
Paladin Knights now strive towards an altered path. Though still        
treasuring the importance of Loyalty, Courage and Honor in their lives, 
they believe that their Conviction allows them to fearlessly stand      
against any obstacles while they carry their duties out. Through the    
pursuit of Truth, they are freed from the vices of Artifice that seek to
manipulate them, thus providing them with a clearer understanding of    
their objective. Hence, to keep them true to their path, a Paladin      
should always inflect towards Mercy to maintain purpose in their        
Through their combative skills in Chivalry, they uphold these principles
in their prowess with a blade, their close connection with their falcon 
companions, and more. They use Devotion, the holy powers imbued to them 
by the Gods, to become a formidable protector of the faithful. Their    
combative training gives them the patience and resolve to create most,  
if not any manner of weaponry and armor through Forging, from           
constructing a mere dagger to a powerful assortment of one-handed and   
two-handed swords.