Offensive Artifacts

23.3.11 Offensive Artifacts

The following offensive artifacts are available:

AP: choke            a menacing black gauntlet    1500cr
    - Allows you to KAI CHOKE <target> to use the AB KAIDO CHOKE ability outside of the Monk class, and without any Kai requirement.

AP: culling          a Culling Blade              700 cr
    - Those who possess a Culling Blade will bypass the starburst defence of anybody they kill. Any other instant-revive defences (rebirth, soulcage, substitute, etc) will only have a 33% chance of being bypassed.

AP: duality          a Scepter of Duality         400 cr
    - When the Scepter of Duality is pointed at a target, it will deal either shadow or spirit damage depending on your tethering. The damage is not modifiable by stats, and uses balance and equilibrium.

AP: grab_throw       a deeo red boomerang         200 cr
    - Throw these at someone in your line of sight (up to 10 rooms away) and the boomerang will try to bring your target to you.

AP: L1, L2, L3 handtohand_damage
    - Brass knuckles (affects frenzy, punches, and maul).
    Brass knuckles:            +15% (+10% to maul/frenzy)  400 cr
    Spiked knuckles:           +25% (+15% to maul/frenzy)  800 cr
    Celestine spiked knuckles: +35% (+20% to maul/frenzy) 1600 cr

AP: loki_sting       a wyvern's tail              800 cr
    - Wear it and then you may sting people with your tail, delivering the Loki venom (which hits the person with a random venom).

AP: L1, L2, L3 magic_potence
    - Collars of Augmention. Increases damage done for the following attacks:
       * Necromancy: Decay
       * Elemancy: Beam, Staffcast, Arcblaze
       * Sciomancy: Lash, Staffcast, Stormhammer
       * Illumination: Lightning
       * Primality: Lightning
     Level 1:     10% increase      400cr
     Level 2:     15% increase      800cr
     Level 3:     20% increase     1600cr

AP: mind_assault     a torc of telepathy          700 cr
    - Lets you use MIND PARALYSE and MIND STUPIDITY on people.