Naturalism Naturalism

The service of a Shaman as a guardian of Nature is manifest directly in the skill of Naturalism. Expanding the role the Druids once served, the transition to Shaman also expanded their arsenal considerably, allowing the Shaman greater control over the forces of Nature itself rather than a subset of its physical presence. 

By studying Naturalism, a Shaman first learns to navigate through their domain, gaining a degree of aid from the forests of Sapience and allowing them swift and safe passage. The Shaman also retains a haven of their choice in the form of a grove - a single location where the Shaman is master of their surroundings, a testament to the art of the Druid, and a home to center their studies. Within this location, the Shaman may shun all visitors, travel rapidly to other groves and even enhance the growth of nature, invigorating not only the plants within but all they claim as allies.

Perhaps the most powerful tool within Naturalism is the ability to manifest wild, tangling overgrowth anywhere sunlight may reach. While simply a mess of plants at first glance, overgrowth acts as an extension of the Shaman's might, directly controlled by mere will. A Shaman may spread the overgrowth as they please, even sprouting fresh life at their heel, and control it as if they stood beside it. Through this growth, a Shaman may pull their enemies from where they stand, animate the plantlife around them into a savage weapon, generate impassable barriers of vines and thorns and even invigorate all allies who stand within their domain.