4.7.3 Marriage

The modern Aetolian wedding may sound very familiar. One party proposes 
to the other with a ring. If the proposal is accepted, the couple spends
a minimum of two seasons "engaged" (HELP ENGAGEMENT).

The wedding eventually takes place, wherein engagement rings are replaced 
with wedding rings. Females present wear silken gowns, typically of pale 
hue, while males typically wear dark suits and tuxedos.

Parents and friends of the groom(s) and/or bride(s) attend, and one is 
chosen for each of the wedded to serve as "Best Man" or "Maiden of Honor". 
There are also rumors of some ceremonies allowing children to attend, with 
some bearing rings and others tossing flower petals. The individual 
presiding over the wedding is most often a priest or community leader, 
perhaps bestowing upon the couple the blessing of a particular Divine.

This ceremony is derived from the ancient Aetolian ceremony of uniting 
souls, as described in HELP UNITY.