Market Channel

3.2.1 Market Channel

The market channel exists as a way for Aetolians to buy or sell products or
services, which can greatly enhance the commerce of Aetolia. However, the
market channel is a privilege and not a right. A few simple guidelines exist
to ensure its proper use.

Remember, the point of all these guidelines is to make sure that people who
want to leave the market channel on continuously don't have to deal with
inappropriate comments.


All of Aetolia's policies on remaining in character, language use, and so on
apply to the market channel as well. In particular:

- Selling "triggers" or "reflex systems" is OOC and shouldn't be done.
Offering combat advice, reflex training, or other IC services is fine.

- It's almost too obvious to mention, but the selling or transfer of
characters is completely prohibited (HELP CHARACTERSHARING) and is OOC

- Don't correct others who misuse the market channel - that's for the
administration to do. Those who use the market channel to say "Help Market"
are annoying others just as much as those who are being corrected. If you
feel the need to correct someone, please do so in tells. Don't forget that
the administration deals with such infractions privately, so just because
you don't hear someone being chided (or their Market privileges revoked)
doesn't mean it didn't happen.


Just like in any public place, going beyond a certain amount of
communication is annoying for everyone. With this in mind:

- The Market channel does *not* exist for commentary or insults! It exists
specifically for buying or selling products or services. No extra comments,
please. Combining a valid market comment with an editorial comment doesn't
make it appropriate.

- If your verbal advertisement is very wordy, please create an ad instead
and refer to it briefly on Market. HELP ADS will give you more information.
Anything over two or three sentences should be made into an ad. Remember
that the contents of ads should remain IC as well.

- Auctions are not to be conducted via the market channel. You may, however,
use it to advertise an auction to be held in a particular location or via a
particular web (HELP WEBS).

- Advertising arena events or IC activities your organization has planned,
such as parties or contests, is fine in moderation.


The existence of the Market channel isn't a free pass to say things that are
more appropriate for other means of communication. In particular:

- Market is not to be used for finding sparring partners; there is a
dedicated sparring system (HELP SPAR) for that.

- Before asking to speak to members of specific organizations over the
Market channel, first look at HELP <organization> (or HOUSEHELP or CLANHELP
if appropriate). Most of these contain lists of important members of those
organizations, including who is in Aetolia at that time.

- Do not ask to speak with a Divine over the Market channel. If your request
is related to an in-character Divine, then make contact someone who
represents Him or Her IC. If your request is OOC in nature, then HELP
CUSTOMERSERVICE explains the various ways you can contact the