LongForm Afflictions

13.7.4 LongForm Afflictions

Some affliction have long-form names that are used in tandem with certain abilities, most notably Discernment.

If there is no corresponding long-form name, then simply remove any underscores and it will be the same.

Affliction            Long-form name
----------            --------------
left_leg_broken       a broken left leg
right_leg_broken      a broken right leg
left_arm_broken       a broken left arm
right_arm_broken      a broken right arm

head_mangled          mangled head
torso_mangled         mangled torso
left_leg_mangled      mangled left leg
right_leg_mangled     mangled right leg
left_arm_mangled      mangled left arm
right_arm_mangled     mangled right arm

head_damaged          partially damaged head
torso_damaged         partially damaged torso
left_arm_damaged      partially damaged left arm
right_arm_damaged     partially damaged right arm
left_leg_damaged      partially damaged left leg
right_leg_damaged     partially damaged right leg

lovers_effect         lovers
thin_blood            scytherus
heartflutter          heart flutter
effusion_blood        blood effusion
self-pity             self pity
crippled_throat       shriveled throat