Kelsys, the Underwater City

20.7.8 Kelsys, the Underwater City

Located deep underwater east of Shastaan, the city of Kelsys had been   
hidden from the outside world since the Great Artifice. It was only     
after the city's elemental guardian Rashida disabled the Lutha Kelma    
enchantment that the city was revealed to the realms. Once home to the  
fish-like Kelki and various species of underwater creatures, Kelsys had 
been built using expert knowledge of machinery and craft, allowing one  
to travel in airlocks from dome to dome.                                

After the planned deception of the Spellshapers of the North, they      
turned their focus on trying to open a portal to flood Spinesreach.     
However, their ritual went wrong, turning Kelsys into a destructive     
whirlpool and calling forth the Great Kerrithrim from the depths of the 
unknown. Thus ended the Underwater City of Kelsys.