Karthek Karthek

Tribe Karthek, a tribe of the Nazedha islands, leads the opposition to the vestigial Nazedha Empire by way of organized military resistance, and has a rich military tradition rife with duels, family feuds, and other civil squabbles. Having emerged as a strong military power after tribe Urmoc established religious supremacy, the two were at odds before Baelak conquered them. Following the failure of the first Nazedha invasion, Karthek rose up and reclaimed their independence, and only entered into temporary alliance with the Empire on the promise of plunder and slaves. This arrangement has since lapsed after Emperor Baelak Shipbreaker's death.

The tribe's name is an amalgamation of the two tribes that formed it; Karthi and Theki. These two surnames are common amongst Arqeshi and Nazetu descended from the tribe.