Kalydian Forest

25.10.13 Kalydian Forest

Discovered many years ago by a pair of brothers, the Kalydian forest was
once a beautiful and wild forest, overfilled with life in its most      
pristine form. Deciding to settle down there, the brothers studied the  
forest for many years in a blissful solitude, enjoying the enhanced     
state of the untouched land, until they were stumbled on by a man named 

Beginning innocently enough, Filwort helped the brothers in their       
studies before he began to conduct studies of his own, corrupting the   
animal and plant life of the area whenever he could find a moment to    
disappear into the wilds. Before long, Filwort himself vanished, and    
shortly thereafter the lake became poisoned and wretched, affecting the 
animals of the wilds.                                                   

Working tirelessly, the brothers search for a way to repair the damage  
wrought on the area, while others work to curb it before it spreads into
the nearby Northern Ithmia.