Isle of Polyargos

25.9.6 Isle of Polyargos

The Isle of Polyargos is a fairly remote island, off the western coast of
Sapience near the Aalen forest. Though the ferry to travel there was once 
in the Aalen, it has since been moved to a dock within the western Scidve 
forest. For a fee, you can board and visit the island.                                                                    

Polyargos is a massive dormant volcano that rises up out of the ocean.  
Its main inhabitants are a colony of lepers living there to avoid       
persecution from the mainland, and some extremely ill-tempered harpies. 
Most fearsome, however, is one of Aetolia's legendary foes: the red     
dragon Yudhishthira. Yudhishthira lives somewhere in the heart of the   
volcano and is one of the last things you'll ever want to trifle with, 
unless you possess the courage of a lion.