8.20 Infernals

Rising from the windy peaks of the Tarean Mountains, the Shadow Keep of 
the Infernal Knights looms strong and proud. Within its halls the       
Infernals train and hone their abilities, ever ready to battle the      
forces of Light and Life. Only the most devout among Shieldbearers and  
Squires will rise to become the embodiment of the Infernal lifestyle,   
for the path of an Infernal is difficult and long.                      
Infernals are knights of Death and Darkness, studying skills both       
martial and magical. Their knowledge of Chivalry allows them to use a   
wide variety of weapons and tactics in order to subdue their foes with  
strength of arms. Forging is a skill that allows the knights to create  
weapons and armour of the utmost quality, not only for themselves but to
equip the legions of darkness. Finally an Infernal uses his knowledge of
Necromancy to study the arts of Death and Decay, using them to purge the
weak and misguided from the land.                                       
As knights, the Infernals value Strength, Fealty and Slaughter, and are 
always striving to achieve perfection, destruction and discipline in    
their daily pursuits.