Hunting Grounds

20.6.7 Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds are sacred to Lord Haern, the Hunter, accessed by kneeling before the cairn stones that are dotted throughout the wilds of Sapience. Inhabited by beasts and other adventurers alike, it is a place for bloodshed and assertion of dominance as the top hunter, as only they will reap the rewards the Grounds have to offer. A variety exist and have been known to aid those in search of ylem and leylines in a myriad of ways. These ancient artifacts are impossible to give away or take save by death, making all who bear them open to combat and death at any moment. If you are unwilling to bear the mantle any longer, you may choose to RELINQUISH the item.

The Hunting Grounds is a special area, where anyone within it is considered open for attack (open PK). Only one person per city may enter it, and the only way to leave the grounds is to be the sole survivor within it.

Whenever a second individual enters the Hunting Grounds, a five minute timer will begin, after which everyone in the area will be afflicted with battle hunger. After another five minutes has passed, everyone will be afflicted with bloodlust, in addition to battle hunger. This will immediately affect any other individuals who enter the Grounds while the afflictions are active.

The following is a list of the artifacts and their benefits:

Claw, sword of the Hunt
- Will deal 25% of an Eld's max health in damage when attacking one
  using Claw.

Shade, robe of the Hunt
- Wearing Shade will make the bearer invisible to any Eld. They won't
  attack the wearer, and the wearer won't count towards the number of
  Eld that will spawn.

Silence, cloak of the Hunt
- Wearing silence will hide entry into the Iernian fracture from the ylembic 
resonators, and when farseeing someone in an unstable area that is wearing it, you will no longer be able to tell that the area is unstable.

Stag Helm
- Wearing the Stag Helm will grant you permanent [Vision-Detection] with
  no drain

Rowan Box
- Solving this puzzle will grant your city additional ylem.

Night Eye Pendant
- This pendant allows the owner to ascertain the location or information about
  an individual by touching the pendant and speaking the target's name.

Defiant Rose
- Wearing the Defiant Rose will halve your residual energy usage.

Ivory Bough
- Each sip of the Ivory Bough will grant you a defense that lets you
  land critical blows upon Eld for 30 minutes. Timer won't stack with
  multiple sips.

**NOTE: While you are in possession of any of the above artifacts, you are OPEN PK regardless of whether you are in the grounds or not.

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