Holy Wars

11.9 Holy Wars

At times conflicts between the Divine or their mortal followers cannot  
be settled via diplomatic means. It is those times when Orders may      
declare war on one another. While the declaration of holy war is        
reserved to the most influential members of an Order, its effects will  
be felt by all, even members of the Congregation. War terms must be     
agreed upon at the outset of Holy War and while they may only last a    
maximum of two years, the toll will no doubt be felt for years to come. 

The commands associated with Holy War:


After declaring a Holy War, both Orders will have a grace period of one 
month in which they will be able to erect new shrines or monuments,     
repair harmed ones, or gather shrine energy for the up coming battles.  
The shrines of both Orders cannot be harmed during this time.           

Once a month has passed, the battle begins. Both Orders will fight to   
protect their shrines, while attempting to defile the others. While only
members within the opposing Orders may defile and sanctify shrines,     
Congregation members will be able to assist in protecting their         
Ordermates as they fight to remove enemy shrines.                       

Victory is decided when 75% of the enemies shrines have been defiled, at
which point the Master Shrine will become defilable. The Master Shrine  
cannot be harmed until the former objective is met.                     

While sometimes it's in the best interest of the winning Order to take  
down the Master Shrine as soon as they can, it is possible to delay the 
reversion of the Master Shrine until more shrines are destroyed in order
to net a larger shrine energy gain from the victory. Be wary of this; if
you find yourself in a position where you cannot strike back and bring  
yourselves to victory, it might be wiser to surrender the war and       
prevent further loss.                                                   

Spoils of War
The victor of a Holy War will be awarded 150,000 shrine energy for each 
shrine they destroy, while the loser will lose 100,000 shrine energy for
each shrine they lost. On top of this the losing Order will suffer      
public humilation available for everyone to see.                        

It's worth noting that Holy Wars are often more costly than they are    
rewarding. The declaration of Holy War should be saved for serious      
offenses against your Order.                                            

After a Holy War has ended, both Orders will enter a cool-down period.  
When in this cool-down period, they can neither declare, nor be declared
upon. The cool-down period lasts for one Aetolian year.