Guildfavour and Guilddisfavour

8.9 Guildfavour and Guilddisfavour

Guildfavour and guilddisfavour are the means by which your guild rank   
are raised and lowered, respectively. Once you have reached a guild rank
specified by your guild, have been appointed to a secretary position, 
or elected as your guild's guildmaster you should be able to use these

Guildfavour should be used to reward exemplary behavior on the part of  
one of your guildmates, and should not be used merely for the sake of   
raising someone's guildrank. It is a reward, not a right.               

Likewise, guilddisfavour should be used only to punish actions that     
bring disrepute to the guild. Simply being guilddisfavoured is not      
considered a sufficient reason for guilddisfavouring the person who did 
it to you, unless, perhaps that person did it for truly insufficient    

The higher the guild level of the person guildfavouring or              
guilddisfavouring you, the greater the effect will be.                  

See also: GUILD, GUILDRANK (if you are in a guild)