Great Starfalls

18.3.9 Great Starfalls

The grandest sport known throughout the land! Or perhaps not. But fun
nonetheless. The idea of this game is to gather as many special meteorites
which are scattered about the land in the time limit provided. The person
with the highest score at the end of the time period is the winner.

Game Variations
PK Allowed/Disallowed: 
If PK is allowed, you are allowed to attack anyone in the game. All experience
loss and gain from player kills will be disabled. Do not attack newbies unless
you are certain they are participating in the event. If you are online during a
PK event you risk being killed. 

If the event is No PK, then you are not permitted to kill a player just because
they are looking for meteors, or have meteors on them.

Some events will allow sharing meteors, and others will not. In the case of No
Share events, the meteors will be destroyed when picked up and the points
applied to your score.

The meteorites and their point values (from rarest to most common):

   9 points: Radiant Meteorites
   5 points: Glowing Meteorites
   3 points: Glossy Meteorites
   2 points: Icy Meteorites
   1 point:  Dull Meteorites


- This command will display a few things. Your score, the time remaining in
  the event, and the top 10 players. Once the event is over, it will display
  the scores for all players who found a meteor.

Occasionally (but not always!), the winner(s) may be granted an aura of the 
stars. When one is draped in this aura, they will gain access to a couple of 

- This ability will lift you high into the clouds.

- This ability will allow you seek out the location of your target, scrying
  their location and observing their well-being.