Giovelli's Hideout

18.6.1 Giovelli's Hideout

Giovelli Rederan. Rich, dangerously good looking, and murderous of course. 

A man who's seen his fair share of brawls in his day, Giovelli is a man of quite simple - yet elegant - taste. Throughout his life he's managed to acquire boatloads of coin through less than morally-correct means but as of late has run into a bit of a roadblock: what could he possibly do to entertain himself these days? He's done the whole murdering and pillaging spiel, he's seen and fought creatures that could reasonably rip your average person to shreds... what else could there be?

And then it dawned upon him. He would be the first person to open and maintain a life-threatening attraction filled with grisly carnage for adventurers of all sorts to test their mettle - for a chunk of change of course. He gets to watch all the glorious fights he could possibly imagine equating to lifelong entertainment, and the adventurers get to test themselves in battle.

Welcome to what he likes to refer to as Giovelli's Hideout, a place wherein players can pay a bit of coin to enter and face a plethora of challenges along-side or against their friends and foes. Be warned: Giovelli's Hideout isn't for those unwilling to risk life and limb in their pursuits - death inside will be quite real, and the ill-prepared combatant will find that running out of a salve or herb, unlike in the arena, will more than likely lead to their untimely demise.