18.4.2 Giftbags

Giftbags are often given away during promotions, such as Ironbeard. They will contain one of the prizes selected randomly from the following list:

(NOTE: Artifacts obtained in giftbags are bound to you, they cannot be traded to other players!)

You need to OPEN your giftbag to claim whatever is inside it. Artifacts inside the giftbag will become bound to you on opening.

=== TRADEIN ===

Certain non-artifact items can also be traded in for a -small- amount of credits. The syntax for this is PROMO TRADEIN <item>. Only items that bear you mark (i.e. you were the original owner) can be traded in.

=== PRIZES ===

A giftbag will contain one of the following prizes, along with some gold. In some cases, such as with consumables, you may find yourself getting more than one prize.

A wide range of permanent artifacts usually sold by Qeddwyn anywhere between 50cr to 800cr in value! 

A Minipet
Comes as a 'minipet cage' which you can open to obtain the minipet. Once the cage is opened, the minipet is bound to you and cannot be traded in or to others. Only the cage itself can be traded.
 - a super secret series of 6 foxes!

Permanent mount
Comes as a 'steed whistle' which you can blow to summon the mount. Once the whistle is blown, the mount is bound to you and cannot be traded in or to others. Only the whistle itself can be traded. Mount can still die, but will eventually respawn.
  - a war-painted orel (can fly)
  - a crystalline arachnid
  - an oversized, mountable ant
  - a mud-coated hippo
  - a black rhinoceros

Compendium pages
Refer to help COMPENDIUM.

A Crafter's Folio
Increases your maximum preserved designs by 5. Stacks with crafters workbook and itself.
A tub of black warpaint
Can APPLY the warpaint to yourself a defence that increases your experience gain from PVP kills by 250%, and reduces the XP loss of PVP deaths by 50%, for the next 24 hours. Item consumed on use.

An imbued quartz of rebirth
Cracking the quartz will instantly heal you to full, and cure most of your afflictions. Requires and consumes balance to use, but has no other restrictions. Disappears on use.

A leering skullmask
When worn, will mask your name on deathsight when killing someone. Will eventually decay.

A basilisk's eye
If you HOLDFORTH this item, it give everybody in the room paralysis (not paresis), including yourself. This may be done six times before the item is consumed.

A preserved, yellowed eye
Will allow you to PEER <eye> <player>, allowing you to see everything in the room of any player, anywhere in the world, as if you were there yourself. Will peer across continents, planes, through phase, blackwind, spiritwalk, and death itself. Does not bypass the Elusion artifact power. Has 20 uses.

A style technique scroll

A vox iterator
Refer to HELP VOX.

Double Experience Chalice
The chalice will not reset to you, so you can give it away or sell it.

10 Iron Coins
POLISH the iron coin item to properly add it to your balance.

Customization Token
A free 50cr customisation (HELP CUSTOMISATION).

Gold roughly equal to the credit market's value for 1cr, or 2cr. This is more static than the market can be, but is usually adjusted before the event.


An encephalous crystal
This crystal will allow you to use the CLASS RESET COOLDOWN command without any lesson cost. One-time use. It is bound to you and can only be used by yourself. 

A refrigerative seal
ACTIVATE this seal and you will obtain a defense for 24 hours that will cause your Enchantments and Tattoos to not use up any charges. One-time use. 

A routine manual
Allows you to create your own custom predefined emote that only you can use.
No longer be shackled by balance requirements for your favourite custom emote!
Subject to approval from the administration.

A personalized technique scroll
This super rare prize allows you to create your own style scroll! Create
messages for as many of the class/skills listed in HELP STYLES as you want,
but only one per class/skill! Messages are subject to approval. You will have
access to all the messages, and can create scroll items to give to your friends
for 25cr per scroll!

A jar of sparkling dust
You can SPRINKLE DUST <colour> to change the colour of your name on the who list. Jar is consumed on use and the effect will last for 48 hours. Available colours are: Red, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, BoldRed, BoldGreen, BoldBlue, BoldMagenta, BoldCyan.

A crude siphoning device
When in the same room as a mutual ally, you may SIPHON HEALTH FROM <ally> to instantly take 20% of their health and make it your own. There's a 5% chance this device breaks on use.

A dazzling sphere	
If you HOLDFORTH this item, any mobs in the room will be mesmerized by its appearance and cease to attack you for a short time, unless you attack them first. Does not work on city guards or anything loyal to a player. Can be used 30 times before consumed.

An urn of hemlock ashes
Can APPLY the ashes to give yourself a defence that will reduce the time to recover from your next death by 30%. This can be done three times before the item is consumed.

An unstable translocator of displacement
You must first ATTUNE TRANSLOCATOR to a mutual ally. You can then ACTIVATE DISPLACEMENT, and you will swap places with that person so long as they are on the same plane/continent as you, bypassing monolith sigils. Needs to be reattuned after use, and has some standard aff restrictions. May have undesired effects when activated (affs/damage). Has a 20% chance to be destroyed after activation, consuming the item.

An immolation bomb
You can ACTIVATE this bomb to instantly kill yourself, causing attackers to gain no credit or experience for your death. The explosion will stun and damage everyone in the room as well. The bomb cannot be activated if you are entangled in some form, have two broken arms, or are paralyzed. Item consumed on use.

A scroll of instructions
You can READ SCROLL TO <person>, and if that person is a lower level than you, and if they AGREE, then they will gain your unmodified base health, mana, crit chance and lack of desire to eat/sleep (if above level 80). This will last for 24 hours. Item consumed on use.

An elemental water conduit
If you ACTIVATE this conduit, every room in the area (that you can walk to from your current room) will become flooded. Cannot be used in cities. Can be used five times before the item is consumed.

A mirror bomb
When thrown at the ground, everybody in the room will see their output in reverse for a few seconds. Quick way to make friends into enemies! Consumed on use.