General Skills

9.4 General Skills

General skills are skills that everyone in Aetolia possesses, with the  
exception of Reanimation and Concoctions - which of these two you have  
are decided by whether you are living or undead. To see a list of your  
general skills and other skills available to you type SKILLS.

HELP <skillname> - Obtain general information about a skill.
AB <skillname> - List of the abilities under a specific skill.
AB <skillname> <ability> - Specific information about an ability.           

   Avoidance      Limber up and dodge those blows!
   Survival       Learn the means to survive.
   Tattoos        Decorate the body in mystical tattoos.
   Vision         There's always more than meets the eye!
   Weaponry       Master the skills of the Delosian guard.