Furniture Approval Guidelines

22.2.5 Furniture Approval Guidelines

Furniture can be a lot of fun! Making those benches and beds. These are some guidelines specific to it!

1. Design the item as it is supposed to look in general, not how it will furnish the space it is planned to go into. Things like a dropped of "A black and brown sofa rests in the center of the floor" will be rejected.

2. As with any craft, do not assume how someone will react to the item.

3. Dye tags do not work in the dropped lines, especially when posing. Make sure to keep that in mind. You can use $(direction$) to allow someone to position the furniture, but that is only in the dropped line.

4. Be realistic with the max people/weight/etc. A bench cannot hold five or more people.

5. Keep in mind that heavy furniture items have restrictions on where you can place them, so you should be creating them from appropriate materials.

6. Make sure you are using an appropriate reference for the design. HELP FURNITURE REFERENCES. If one does not exist to match what you desire, contact Becue. However, there is no guarantee that it'll be added.

7. The dropped line should be up to 85 characters in length and if it contains the $(direction) tag. Otherwise, it should stick to 80.

8. Paintings do not require inks be added. It is assumed that they are painted and thus would not have necessarily used ink to do so.

When in doubt, contact Becue.