9.6.3 Furniture

Nothing says extravagance like a fancy set of furniture! From the       
simplest of chairs, to intricately carved armoires and beds, the craft  
of making furniture is an art of patience and skill. Brighten up any    
room and show off your wealth with a myriad of furniture sets. Impress  
your friends and family while making your enemies jealous!              

To become a professional carpenter, you must be trained by the craft    
guild of a major city. Go to the craft guild office and BUY FURNITURE   
PERMIT. The craft guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit,   
which does not expire. Once a licensed carpenter, you will have basic   
ability in the Furniture miniskill. The more you train in this skill,   
the higher quality your products will be.                               

To create a piece of furniture you need to purchase a design and the    
required components to make the desired item. Once you have these simply
CONSTRUCT <design> to make your piece.                                  

Once you are Expert in the skill of Furniture, you will gain the ability
to design your own furniture pieces. This process is a bit more         

1) Purchase a blank design from your local crafting guild office.

2) Acquire a furniture design of the same type as the item you wish to  
create.then simply do DESIGN <#> COPY <design>. This will make a copy   
of the existing design onto your blank design.
3) Customize your design's appearance when held, when viewed in a room, 
and when examined closely:
   DESIGN <#> APPEARANCE <description>,
   DESIGN <#> DROPPED <description>,
   DESIGN <#> EXAMINED <description>.

It is good to note that, if you so desire, in your dropped description, 
you may use a $(direction$) tag to specify a direction (or 'center').   
When the item itself is made, POSITION <furniture> <direction> to set it

Also, you will need to define certain properties such as max people
(the total amount of people that can sit/lie on the object at the 
same time), max weight(the total combined weight of items that can 
be PLACEed on top of it), and max chairs/drawers(the number of chairs   
that can be POSITIONed at the object/the number of drawers the object   
has.) As well as a HUNG description for those items that require it.
For these options use the following commands:
   DESIGN <#> MAX PEOPLE <val>
   DESIGN <#> MAX WEIGHT <val>
   DESIGN <#> MAX CHAIRS <val>
   DESIGN <#> DRAWERS <val>
   DESIGN <#> HUNG <val>
4) Take your design to a craft guild office and DESIGN <#> SUBMIT it for
evaluation. The craft guild will review your design and once approved   
you will be notified. After it has been approved and you have paid the  
fee for it you may then begin to construct the design.

For further DESIGN commands and their uses refer to HELP PAPERLESS      
CRAFTING. Also refer to HELP FURNITURE INTERACTION for special commands
related specifically to furniture items.