Fumology Materials

22.11 Fumology Materials

These are ingredient locations for those who are not part of the Crafters clan and are having a difficult time finding what they are looking for. These are fumology/smoking related materials:


Herbs: ash, bayberry, bellwort, bloodroot, cohosh, echinacea, elm, ginger, ginseng, goldenseal, hawthorn, kelp, kola, kuzu, lobelia, moss, myrrh, pear, sileries, skullcap, slipper, valerian, weed

Grand Library: cherry (v56951)

Duiran: cherry (v43721, v43719)


Any city cooking stock: orange

Djeir: tobacco (a sallow Djeirani merchant, Djeir, wanders around v12289)

Esterport: coconut (v53393), straw (v53386), kawhe (v53387), mint (v53383), vanilla (v53383)

El'Jazira: dried fern fronds (a rotund, silk-draped merchant, v4126)

Enorian: scintilily blossoms (Oolmi, v55839 - city-sold only)

Esterport, Gulleye's: hyacinth blossoms, dried willow root shavings, powdered fish bones, dried Demon's Tongue leaf (requires Gulleye's standing and special entrance)

Duiran: blue-gilled fungus, shredded sourleaf, orange-petaled poppy (Yngar, v43749 - council-sold only)

Skythrone: canella, chirimoya

Event Special

Delve: necotia leaf, sweetgrass, wyrm spoor, ash-eel eggs, cymoth husks

Project 1831 will provide you with a full chart of these and their various aromas.