Freeze Tag

18.1.8 Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a game that is played in the Fields of Valor. When a God
initializes this event, you may type JOIN FREEZETAG. Upon doing so, you will
be deposited in a room in the Arena, and given a freeze wand. You will also
temporarily lose most of your skills.

The rules of the game are simple: If you are frozen three times, you are out
of the game. The last person still in wins. Every thirty seconds or so, you
will recover one 'freeze'. Typing FREEZES will show you how many times you
have been frozen. To prevent teaming, each person has an individual 'freeze' score against one another. 

In order to freeze someone in your location, simply type FREEZE <player>. In
order to freeze someone NOT in your location, but within your line-of-sight,
type FREEZE <direction> AT <player>. If you are hit by a freezewand, you will
lose the use of your wand for a short period of time.

An added twist to freeze tag is that there is a fairy that will chase after
the last person to try to freeze someone else. If it catches that person, it
will knock him or her off equilibrium, stunting their freezing abilities. 

Note that by standing in the spectator stands off of the Arena staging area,
you will be able to see when someone freezes someone else.

Summary of commands:
JOIN FREEZETAG <arena>      : Joins the game.
FREEZE <player>             : Freezes a player in your location.
FREEZE <dir> AT <player>    : Freezes a player in the given direction.
FREEZES                     : See how many times you have been frozen.
ES/EVENTSTATUS              : See information on the game's participants.