Forest of Augerweald

25.10.4 Forest of Augerweald

Settled between Mount Heylai and Mount Humgurd, Augerweald is a forest mixed between being frozen in parts to being full of life in others. The frozen parts are mostly due to the heavy winds that rush down from Mount Heylai, freezing the plantlife in time. There is a river running throughout the area that is fairly peculiar, both being frozen and not in places.

It is rumored that the waters contain special properties and are what have caused so many of the creatures there to grow larger in size than normal. You may even find direwolves wandering around, though Archi is known to try his best to protect against them escaping the forest.

Legend has it that a woman's spirit haunts these woods and long ago she hid a relic of great power. Many have tried to find her and attain it, but have not been heard from since.