Forest Island of Ulangi

25.17.12 Forest Island of Ulangi

"Once a homeland, now a graveyard - and a memory that our 
children's children will never know."
-Oorangu the Wise, Grook elder

Ulangi is an island off the southeastern coast of Sapience. The best way to get there is to go to the city of Esterport and take the ferry there. Ulangi itself is a large forested mountain which once contained a colony of Horkval and a swamp with a colony of Grook on the other side. The two colonies feuded with one another, until the Horkval gained an upper hand on the Grook and, in their zeal to conquer Ulangi, rendered the island thoroughly uninhabitable and forced both races to scatter throughout the nearby archipelago and eastern mainland.

Now the island has been scoured clean of life, leaving only petrified trees and a thick carpet of ash in the wake of the devastating and fruitless war.