Floristry Materials

22.9 Floristry Materials

These are ingredient locations for those who are not part of the Crafters clan and are having a difficult time finding what they are looking for. These are flowers/floristry materials and their various locations. If two locations are listed for an area, note that not all flowers are available at both spots. Also note that some of these are resetting flowers, so they will not be able to be put in the flowercache. Foraged means the item must be picked up in that area or dug up.

Note: The NPCs that wander can not be path found to. The number reference is just so you can verify you have the right NPC when you get to them.

Aerie (v24597, ASK ANEAN WARES): star orchid, poppy, calla lily, blue iris, daffodil, amaryllis, moonflower, snowdrop, pasque, hyacinth, violet, daisy, cloudblossom

Bloodloch (wandering dark-haired vampire (vampire82741), ASK VAMPIRE WARES): a skeleton flower, a purple nightshade flower, a spiral fern, a tall gladiolus stalk, a night-blooming star flower, a wild two-toned pansy, a phosphorescent glow flower, a magnolia blossom, a wild-edged flower with a pale center, a fist-sized corpse flower, a vine of bleeding hearts, a cluster of purple-white lisianthus blossoms, a black bat flower, a bunch of red-pink oleander flowers, a snakeskin-patterned fritillary flower, a large stalk of delphinium flowers, a large burgandy dahlia flower, a single stem of hemlock, a sanguine bloodflower

Delve (v33847, WARES): golden wattle, waratah bloom, lavendar, grevillea frond, myrtle, eucalyptus, emberbloom, sheperd's curse, waveflower, sour weed

Duiran (wandering flower-wreathed girl (girl244855), ASK GIRL WARES): a vibrant tri-toned wildflower, a cluster of white elderflowers, a tropical plumeria blossom, a multi-toned alstroemeria flower, a yellow begonia, a vivid pink cherry blossom, a pale flower of size-gradiating layers, a multi-coloured single flower cluster, a pastel hydrangea flower, a prickly, sweet vernal flower, a pomegranate blossom, a single allium stalk, a draping blue honeywort flower, a vibrant blue cornflower, a handful of clover blossoms, a draping laburnum vine, a delicate-petaled lotus blossom, a pink-centered stalk of white hollyhock, a bold gazania flower

Djeir (varies/on ground): anjiro, arijia, hmiari, shaji grass, arinia lily, arioli, shoji, hajiri, niniria, jiruni

Enorian (wandering Liakarian villager (villager69654), ASK VILLAGER WARES): chamomile, tansy, foxglove, chicory, hibiscus, wildflower, baby's breath, a bird-of-paradise flower, an explosively colourful fire flower, a gold-fluted honeysuckle, a vine of warm-toned pash lanterns, a fluffy pink peony blossom, a periwinkle thistle globe, a pale morning bell flower, a fluted primrose of gold and purple, a gold-orange calendula, a bunch of fiery nemesia blossoms, a feathery ginger flower, a pale, purple aster flower

Esterport (v53385, WARES): a thick stalk of bamboo, a stalk of blue-purple larkspur blossoms, purple-leaved pink impatiens, dark red-pink astrantia flowers, a pale apple blossom, a red geranium cluster, a draping branch of wisteria

Flowerpot (artifact): rose (red, twilight blue, white, yellow, pink, black), chakra, pink carnation, orchid (striped, star), snapdragon, sunflower, tulip (yellow, purple, red), athurium bud, evening wisp, poppy, lily (yellow, tiger), freesia

Green Lake (varies/on ground): water lily

Hubride (v16118, taken from vegetable patches): yarrow, vanilla orchid

Ilhavon Forest (varies/on ground): honeysuckle

Liruma Scrubland (varies/on ground): forget-me-not (blue)

Grand Library (v56972, ASK ESINE WARES): star orchid, poppy, calla lily, blue iris, daffodil, amaryllis, moonflower, snowdrop, pasque, violet, daisy, cloudblossom, baby's breath, fern, holly, ivy, evergreen branch

Saluria (varies/on ground): chrysanthemum

Saluria (Urantotl, ASK URANTOTL WARES): urooba

Seed bag: tulip (brilliant)

Spinesreach (v32881, WARES): a white cesalla blossom, a white winter fern, a glassy-leaved fern, a white-edged purple frost flower, a blood red-gold lion mane flower, a white sprig of gardenia, a dark-veined petunia flower, a thick, green succulent, a thick-leafed mint flower, a sharp-edged pinecone, a cutting of heather, a cluster of queen's lace, a fiery zinnia, golden-red nasturtium flowers, a sphere-like cluster of rhododendron, a two-toned pink phlox with jagged petals, a periwinkle thistle globe, a small cluster of statice, a sharp-looking stalk of sea holly

Three Widows (varies/on ground): coralroot, forsythia, geranium, bluet, white and yellow daisy, stunted bloom

Torston (varies/on ground): pale swamp lily

Tundra (varies/on ground): pasque

Western Itzatl (varies/on ground): maidenhair fern, jasmine, ulaa