9.8.3 Fletching

The talent of Fletching enables those who have learned it to craft a variey of bows, as well as the arrows shot from them.

To become a Fletcher, you must visit the master Fletcher of Aetolia, Rodallo. Located in the Grand College of Aetolia, Rodallo will teach you all he knows of Fletching for a fee of 75 credits. Once you have learned this Talent, you will be as skilled as any other Fletcher, though your creativity will be the ultimate test.                                   

To create a fletching plan, there are several steps you should follow.

1) Purchase a blank design pattern using DESIGN REQUEST.

2) Identify the pattern you wish to copy for the specific item you need from the Fletching shop, then DESIGN <your new pattern> COPY <pattern to be copied>. This will make a copy of the existing pattern layout on your blank pattern.

3) Customize your pattern's various requirements. DESIGN FLETCHING will give you a list of useful commands for this and DESIGN by itself will list all other essential commands.

4) Take your design pattern to a craft guild office and DESIGN <pattern> SUBMIT it for evaluation. The mortal approvers will review your pattern according to our standards and make a pattern from it if the design is approved.

5)  When the design is approved, you will be notified by message or prompt in-game. Return to the craft guild office and DESIGN <pattern> PAY FEE to gain access to your ready-to-use pattern! The craft guild charges a fee for the creation of the design.

Use DESIGN LIST to list all of the patterns you have access to. To create an item, you'd simply use CRAFT <pattern> while holding the appropriate materials.