Famous Mobiles

7.14 Famous Mobiles

The following is a list of famous mobiles that dot Aetolia. It is not   
intended to be anything like a complete list.                           

Virtue:   The white tiger, who serves Lord Haern.
Imperia:  Lord Severn's Priestess of Artifice.
Moira:    A prominent Kelki devotee of Lady Slyphe.
Sasvilya: A wind elemental dedicated to Galleus.
Malorea:  The Priestess of the Goddess of Fire, Auresae.
Llazuth   The Demon Spider Queen, who serves Iosyne, the Malevolent.

Ashayth:     Spinesreach.
Colbey:      The famous weaponmaster of Delos.
Raest:       Duiran
Lucisa:      Bloodloch
Trabarg:     Enorian (also known as a prophet)

Alaihandra:  The Magi (also known as Ariela).
Barrkesh:    The Bahkatu
Roan:        The Carnifex
Draryn:      The Daru
Eocik:       The Cabalists
Gegrelaesh:  The Teradrim
Geryon:      The Bloodborn
Inesse:      The Sentinels
Lemaen:      The Syssin
Jallah:      The Shamans
Lenci:       The Luminaries
Shinobu:     The Sentaari
Silvertooth: The Atabahi
Nianvi:      The Templars
Yetrent:     The Indorani

Famous dead people
Amairgen: A powerful lich who resided in Bloodloch until she was killed
          after causing lots of trouble.

Averroes: Was once the famous prophet of Enorian. He was poisoned and
          since his death the Prophet's day is celebrated in honor of
          his memory.

Belladona: Once a powerful vampiress inhabiting a keep in the north-
           lands. She was cured and managed to find a place to stay
           safe within Enorian. She was later slain by Zsarachnor.

Galen:    A Priest of Renewal dedicated to Lady Lleis.

Epicurus: Was once a world-renowned scholar found in Ashtan who was able
          to teach all skills.

Hakhim: An ex-dung salesman in Enorian who once paid for the body of    
        dead rats.

Jirken: A mad scientist in Enorian, he was known for his oftentimes
        deadly potions.

Lona: Previous Priestess of Lord Arion, killed by Lord Severn

Procurio: Former chef in Spinesreach who took care of the disposing of 
          the cities vermin. Slain by the Dowager Montaganet.

Ratman: The rather filthy man in Ashtan who would pay you for the body
        of dead rats.

Sekhtet: A priestess who once served as the Aakhut of Lady Niuri.

Voondra: A tutor for the now sunken city of Ashtan. 

Willem: Once the High Invoker of Lord Rahn, he was slain by Amairgen.

Yilien: Once the Priest of Valor who was killed by Imperia, Priestess
        of Severn

Zsarachnor: The Vampire Lord of the lower reaches of Azdun.

Other important people
Apollonia: The Oracle of the Mannaseh swamp, she has been known to utter
           some very strange prophecies for a small fee.

Camilla: Once a beautiful woman engaged to be married, her disfigurement
         at the hands of Amairgen caused her to go quite insane.

Cheena: A barmaid formerly employed at the Crystal Leaf Inn, she now
        serves at the Breakwater Tavern in Ashtan.

Enzo: The exterminator residing in Bloodloch who handles vermin.

Grisnelda: A physician who will pay for your seagulls in Ashtan.

Hycanthus: A reclusive wizard who has made his laboratory and home to
           the Vashnar mountains.

Lachesis: The Spider Queen, found in the Azdun dungeon.

Marhisa: Once the guild tutor of the disbanded Priests, now a retired
         tutor living in the temple of Lady Lleis.

Mhunna: (The Great Mhunna) The leader of the Mhun of Moghedu.

Oorangu: The wise Grook sage of Ulangi. Oorangu ventured to the mainland
         when the forests of the world were in danger, lending his vast
         knowledge and power by performing a protective spell.

Pericles: Once an active defender of Enorian, Pericles now resides in
          Delos and is an active member of the Delosian guard.

Qeddwyn: Last of the Ankyrean Mages, he now sells artifacts in Delos.

Rurin: A craftsman who, for quite a long time, maintained a lucrative
       monopoly on the sale of many goods in both Ashtan and Enorian.

Seasone: A druidic woman found west of the Morgun Forest who will refill
         some elixirs for you providing you have an empty vial and are
         holding enough gold. The syntax is: REFILL <vial> WITH <elixir

Silenos: A powerful satyr residing in the Valley of Scidve.

Sven: Formerly a scholar on the island of Ulangi, this Grook came to the
      mainland in search of knowledge. He aided Oorangu in the assembly
      of the crystalline staff and in the ritual that protected the
      forests from extermination. He later returned to the mainland to
      seek a new profession, and began the study of tattoos.

Syvelium: The founder of the Paladin guild and for very long he was
          their guild tutor. Still alive in a sense, but not a mortal,
          he was merged with the God of Valor after facing the strength
          of Lord Severn.

Teneric: The bureaucrat of Delos, he presides over local matters.

Timothy: Once known simply as Timmy, the boy who would eternally lose
         his kite, Timothy now pays for the corpses of the snakes found
         running rampant through Enorian.

Tordahl: A Dwarf who roams near the Siroccians, seeking to reunite the
         Dwarvish race.

Tu'eras: After the death of his father La'ramhis, he began the difficult
         task of ruling over the Tsol'aa in the Aalen forest.

Vellis: A man at the entrance to Sehal who will pay you for live butter-
        flies. Greet him to get a butterfly net in order to catch the

Xaeon: Once a simple goblin miner, he was selected to serve Lachesis,
       the Spider Queen. He now trained with the Infernals guild and now
       leads the goblin attack on Moghedu.

Yudhishthira: A mighty red dragon living upon the island of Polyargos,
              he is known to possess an artifact of great power.