Ethne, the Rekindled

11.2.5 Ethne, the Rekindled

The invasion of Ati, the Shadow in 451 MA led to the sacrifice of Auresae, Goddess of Fire, heralding an endless night as the sun was banished from Sapience. Seeking to restore balance to the world, Avareti joined the spirit of fire, Mebrene, with a simple Ogress smith living in Enorian. With that union was born Ethne, the Rekindled.

Ethne is dual natured Goddess, reflecting both the productive and destructive element of fire. True to the mold of Her vessel, She remains deeply connected to creation of Her Forge, which can be found within the Siroccian mountains. From there, She watches over Enorian and dwells in relative isolation.

There are whispers, however, that to draw Her ire is to ignite something far more devastating - the furious entity known as the Inferno.

Her symbols include the forge, the hammer and the flame.