4.11.4 Esteem

This system allows you to express your feelings of other players' roleplay, and let them know you're having fun.

As a reward, those that receive esteem will gain some experience.

Please note that the feedback from esteem is considered OOC and should have no bearing upon your character's actions.


Shows you how many more times you can express esteem for someone today. You gain an extra esteem vote every 24 hours. You can have a maximum of 3 votes, while leaders have a maximum of 5.

Prevents other players expressing their esteem for you, if you are so inclined.

EXPRESS ESTEEM FOR <person> <reason>
Express your esteem for another player. The reason has a minimum length of 20 characters and the person who you are expressing your esteem for will be told both your name and the reason you are expressing it. This will consume a vote.

ANONEXPRESS ESTEEM FOR <person> <reason>
The same as above, but the recipient of your esteem will not be informed of the source. This will still log your name for tracking purposes, but to players you will be 'Someone'. 

View the history of esteem you've been given!