Enchantment Types

7.5 Enchantment Types

Enchantments are skills focused around infusing magical powers into existing items, or creating magical items themselves. Below is a list of the functions these powerful abilities can create.

Created Items
Special items created, by Enchanting, from thin air.

  - When TOUCHed, it may do one of four things: heal health, heal mana, cure an
    affliction, or nothing.

  Brooch of the Underking
  - When WORN, will allow the wearer to see all deaths within the realm.
    Identical to the deathsight defence.

  - Essencecaps deal with necromantic essence, spiritbulbs with devotion. When
    created the items possess no energy, but DRAIN ESSENCECAP/SPIRITBULB will
    draw a portion of the appropriate energy into the bulb and cause it to glow.
    One can then EAT the item to replenish the energy.

  Whirlwind of Galleus
  - You must WIELD the item before you can use it, and then THROW it, to create
    either a vicious wind or a tempestuous geyser, which will knock any people
    flying overhead to the ground.

  Shimmering Orb
  - Simply having this item in your inventory will prevent the APPRAISE ability
    (Vision) from working on you.

  Scented Bauble
  - WIELD and THROW this item a direction and the loyal falcon of a Knight
    cannot help but depart after it. 

  Beacon Capsule
  - Two are needed. The first you simply DROP into a room you wish to return to.
    To use the second, you must THROW BEACON/TOTEM AT GROUND to instantly travel
    to the first, which will destroy both. It is important to note that this
    will only work within a very small range. 

  - When holding this item in your inventory, you will recover endurance more
    quickly while you SLEEP.

  Lunar Eclipse Medallion
  - When WORN, it will reverse most of the affects of the constellations on you.

  Time Sphere
  - When you THROW SPHERE/SHELL AT GROUND, it will slow the recovery of balance,
    equilibrium, and consumption of healing elixirs of everyone in the room.

  Bag of Stasis
  - Used like a normal container, items inside will decay half as quickly.

  - Passively increases willpower and mana regeneration during meditation. You
    need only keep it in your inventory.

Altered Items
These enchantments are applied to an existing item. The following enchantments are placed on specific items:

  - Augmentations are applied to weapons or armor, and will randomly raise one
    of their stat points. This may be done repeatedly, but each augmentation
    will subtract five months from the decay time of the item.

  - Applicable only to arrows. Meteor arrows can be shot into the air at your
    target from anywhere in the same area, and will break through the victim's
    shield defence. Flame arrows work like regular arrows, but will set the
    target on fire. Enchanted arrows cannot be envenomed.

  Cold Pocket
  - This enchantment is applied to containers (packs, bags, etc.) and will
    greatly decrease the rate at which food stored inside will decay.

The following enchantments may be placed on any item created with Jewelcrafting. (HELP JEWELCRAFTING)

  - This enchantment is quite versatile. When pointed at a player, a firelash
    enchantment will deal fire damage, while the fulgorwhip will deal electric
    damage. You may also damage a player in an adjacent room. You may point it
    in a direction blocked by an icewall to melt it. Finally, you may point it
    directly at an icewall to remove it. This last syntax will choose a wall at
    random if there is more than one in the room.
    Usage: POINT FIRELASH AT <target>
           POINT FIRELASH <direction> AT <target>
           POINT FIRELASH <direction>
     Uses: 60

  - Pointing in a direction will create a deadly firewall. People who pass
    through the firewall will lose their mass defense if they have it. If not,
    it will set them on fire.
    Usage: POINT FIREWALL <direction>
     Uses: 60

  - Pointing an item enchanted with icewall will, as the name implies, produce
    an impenetrable wall of ice in the given direction. This wall will prevent
    many means of travel through that exit.
    Usage: POINT ICEWALL <direction>
     Uses: 60

  - This enchantment will confer a sizable resistance bonus to the appropriate
    damage type when it is worn. This enchantment will last 60 Aetolian months.
    Types: Fire, Magic, Electric, Cold

  - You may touch an item with this enchantment to see and hear normally while
    deaf and blind. This enchantment is identical to the mindseye defence.
     Uses: 60

  - When TOUCHed, a Waterwalking item will allow you to move through water
    rooms without having to swim. This defence will last for one hour. You may
    only use normal movement with waterwalking (e.g. no dashing, etc.).
     Uses: 30

  - When WORN, an item enchanted with Purity will periodically cure an
    affliction at random.

  - Pointing an item with Pestilence will afflict your victim with a random
    Usage: POINT PESTILENCE AT <target>
     Uses: 120