Elections and Referendums

6.2 Elections and Referendums

An ELECTION in Aetolia takes place when someone who does not hold a     
particular position (such as guildmaster or Herald/Overlord) decides    
that he or she wants to challenge someone currently in that position. Of
course, the person being challenged must be in the same guild or city   
(whichever is relevant) to the person doing the challenging. Note that  
one has to have played a minimum of 150 hours on the character to be    
allowed to contest for any political position. The command to challenge 
another player's position is CONTEST (syntax is listed below).          

In order to begin an election in a guild or city, only one challenger is
needed before it will be open to public vote.                                     

A REFERENDUM differs from an election only in that it is not about a    
particular position of power. It is called by someone in power (be it a 
god, a guildmaster or secretary, or a member of the ruling council of a 
city) who defines what the referendum is about, how long it will last   
for, and what the choices in the referendum are.                        

It should be noted that the command ELECTION (or ELECTIONS) may be      
substituted for REFERENDUM (or REFERENDUMS) where applicable. (In other 
words, in an election, use ELECTION and in a referendum use REFERENDUM).
Also note that all times relating to elections are in Aetolian time.    

Voting in Aetolia is weighted based on average time in the realm over a 
five week period.                                                       

   Playtime               Vote Strength
  < 5 hours                 0 Vote*
  < 12 hours                1 Vote
  < 19 hours                2 Votes
  < 26 hours                3 Votes
  > 26 hours                4 Votes

*You are effectively unable to vote with a 0 vote strength.

 Vote weights will also factor in the time you've been a member of an organization for. This will subtract from the vote weight you get from play time as follows:
  < 1 (real) week: -4 to vote weight (effectively 0).
  1 - 2 weeks: -3 to vote weight
  2 - 3 weeks: -2 to vote weight
  3 - 4 weeks: -1 to vote weight
  4+ weeks: no effect

If this brings your vote weight to 0 or below, you will be unable to vote or contest.

After an election, there is now a 2 real-life week 'hard' cooldown on contesting that same position/person. This includes someone keeping their place in that position, or someone taking over that position. In addition to that, once the 2 week cooldown is over, there's a second 4 real-life week 'soft' cooldown. The position can be contested during this time, but should the person being contested remain in the position, a longer 6 week 'hard' cooldown will go in place on them being uncontestable. Both of the above two rules immediately become void if the person in that position goes 1 real-life week without logging in.

Commands for the voting populace:

   - Lists the current referendums or elections that are relevent to 

   - See a summary of a particular referendum or election.

   - See a list of the choices in a particular referendum or election.

REFERENDUM <#> VOTE FOR <choice#/choice>
   - Vote in a referendum or election.
   - There are requirements that must be met in order to vote:
City : You must have played at least 50 hours, and be at least          
                 level 30.
Guild : You must be at least guild rank 3, plus 50 hours of playtime.   
        Public : You must have played at least 100 hours.

   - See the results of a referendum or election.

CONTEST <person> AS <position> OF <city or guild name>
CONTEST <person> AS HEAD OF <clan> (if the clan is democratic)
CONTEST VACANCY AS HEAD OF <clan or city or guild name>
   - Challenge someone for a position of power. For instance:
   - You must be at least guildrank 3 in your guild to contest a 
   - Costs 10,000 gold to contest.

Commands for those in power:

   - Create a referendum.

   - Give a referendum a title.

   - Give a referendum a description.

REFERENDUM <#> ADD <choice>
   - Add a voting option to a referendum.

   - Remove a voting option from a referendum.

   - Open the voting on a referendum.

   - Close the voting early on a referendum.

   - Sets the number of hours until the referendum will end.