Discontinued Artifacts

23.3.21 Discontinued Artifacts

The following artifacts were once sold through various means, but have been discontinued for balance/promotional reasons. They remain here as a reference for their use.

o A bejeweled signet ring (Iron Coins)
  - This signet ring, when worn, allows the owner to seal letters without need for wax or a heat source.

o A venom rag (Iron Coins)
  - Having this rag in your inventory allows you to ENVENOM any venom without having to actually possess a vial of it.
  - Can still be found sometimes in chests. Rare.

o Venom_Blood: 100 Credits
  - With this effect you will never need to purge your bloodstream of venoms. You can hold any secretions in your blood for as long as you wish. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.