Dhaivol, the Underking

11.3.3 Dhaivol, the Underking

Two Immortal souls were united in what used to be Lord Dhaivol, also    
known as the Underking and Gatekeeper of Souls. The separate souls of   
the Lord of Death and Sovereign of Earth cooperated as well as competed 
within this merge of ideals, concepts and values. Lurking in Darkness,  
the former Underking was callous and self-absorbed, His immersion drawn 
only by the exceptional. Over time, the merging of the Gods became      
stressed. Their ideals drifting too far apart to enable further         
collaboration and soon they reverted to their original forms, Lord Dhar,
the Underking and Bringer of Ends and Lord Ivoln, The Earthen Lord.