23.1 Credits

CREDITMARKET, HELP LEVELS, and HELP BARDIC)                             

What are they?
There are two kinds of credits: Credits and Bound Credits.

What are Credits?
Credits can be purchased from other players in Aetolia, or can be purchased with real money from Aetolia via credit/debit card, or Paypal. See Credits are strictly non-refundable. Credits can only be used in these ways: transfer credits to other players, sell credits on the credit market for gold, or convert credits to Bound Credits. You cannot use credits for lessons or to make purchases such as artifacts for a character until you 'bind' them to a character.                                             

The command CREDITS REPORT will show you how many you have of each, as well as other pertinent information about your credits and credit spending.                                                               

What are Bound Credits?
Bound Credits are normal credits which have been 'bound' to your        
character. Once a credit has been bound, it may be converted into       
lessons (each Bound Credit converts into 6 lessons each). Bound Credits 
are also used for purchases for your character such as artifacts,       
crafting permits, item customizations, housing credits, and more. Should
you return an artifact, the credit refund will be in Bound Credits.     
Basically, once you decide to bind a credit to a specific character, it 
can no longer be traded, transferred, or sold to other players.         

You may also gain Bound Credits through achieving certain levels of     

See HELP LEVELS for more information.

Every character will receive a bonus gift of 2.5 lessons per Credit on  
the first 1000 Credits converted to Bound Credits.                      

If you want to bind a credit to you, use the following command: 


For more information on how you can use Bound Credits, read HELP        
CUSTOMISATIONS, and HELP HOUSING.                                       

How to give or sell credits to someone else
If you wish to transfer credits to another person, you may do so using:
   TRANSFER <x> CREDITS TO <person> FOR <x> GOLD.

If you want to give someone credits for free, then specify 0 gold. If   
you specify a positive number of gold though, the person will have to be

(See HELP CREDIT TRANSFERS for more detail)

Acquiring Credits and Bound Credits
There are many ways to gain Credits, including
- using Aetolian gold sovereigns (see HELP CREDITMARKET),
- entering and winning bardic and artisanal competitions 
  (see HELP BARDIC. We give away hundreds or thousands of credits
   every month in this way)
- prizes awarded at various times for other in-game activities.
- purchasing from our website or via the post.

You can obtain Bound Credits in these ways:
- as mentioned previously, by converting normal Credits.
- artifact tradein (see HELP ARTIFACT TRADEIN).
- gaining certain experience levels (see HELP LEVELS).

How do I buy Credits?
In order to purchase credits, go to our website at:
Once there, you will be able to purchase them with either Mastercard or 
Visa. In addition you can print out order forms to send in checks and   
money orders.                                                           

Credit and Debit
All credit transactions are fully encrypted and secure, and are handled 
by a third-party, reputable service. After you have purchased credits,  
they will appear in your character's account within minutes. If, for    
some reason, you'd rather not use the website, you may mail a check     
drawn on a US bank, or a money order denominated in US dollars.         

Checks and Money Orders
If you wish to purchase credits with cash, check, or money order, please
go to and select one of those options on the
order form. It will create an order form which you should print out, and
mail with your order.                                                   

Large Purchases
If you wish to purchase 2000 credits or more at once, greater per-credit discounts are available! Please read HELP BIGCREDITS for a list of discounted prices and contact Razmael to arrange a purchase.                            

Aetolia is a functioning world, and while we guarantee you will not lose
any of the credits you buy, no such guarantee can be provided for what  
you purchase with the credits themselves. Naturally, we wouldn't be in  
business very long if this happened frequently, but as it is a world,   
your actions have consequences, and the actions of others can result in 
consequences for you. It's this dynamism in the nature of the world that
people enjoy about Aetolia. Thus, it is possible that the perceived or  
real value of the things you purchase with credits, or your ability to  
use those things, may both rise and decline during the course of play.