Consumable Artifacts

23.3.3 Consumable Artifacts

AP:                  a hastily-wrapped box of chocolates  15 ic
    - Contains three chocolates, with an uncommon chance for a fourth and rare chance for a fifth. One-time use. Simply open it to use.

AP:                  a cracked scroll case         25 ic
     <no description>

AP: besmirchment     a seal of besmirchment       125 cr
    - A one-time use artifact. Remove yourself from your family bloodline. PRESS MARK while standing in the bloodline registry office.

Besmirchment Disclaimer: This will mark your parents as [redacted]. This also removes your children, and marks their parents as [redacted]. Neither you, nor your children, may take on new parents.

AP: clanslot         a medal of meritorious bureaucracy  25 cr
    - This will allow you to use your past exploits as an administrator to increase the number of clanslots you have by 1. You must POLISH MEDAL for this to occur. Your poor medal will be destroyed in the process.

AP: rebirth          a Lleisian crystal necklace of rebirth  100 cr
    - By CRACKing the crystal, you can gain a single-use reincarnation. Whenever you are at maximum health and mana, just REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <race>.

AP: revert          a dagger of reversion         50 cr
    - STAB yourself with this dagger, and you'll die, reverting you back to a Tekal from Azudim/Yeleni/Idreth. Consumed on use.

AP: shears           a pair of steel cutting shears  50 cr
    - Removes all the pages currently in your compendium and puts them back into your inventory, allowing you to reassign them to different bonuses or even trade them to another player if desired. One-time use. SYNTAX: SHEAR COMPENDIUM.

Qeddwyn Wares        a silver chalice             30 cr
    - Provides Double XP once drunk for a period of 24 hours. Defense lasts through death and logging out. Defense does not stop ticking down once drunk. Chalices of Knowledge cannot be traded in. Seen as "an enigmatic elixir of knowledge"

AP: transmogrification  a pill of transmogrification  150 cr
    - A one-time use artifact that will switch your gender when consumed.

AP: varnish          a jar of varnish             25 cr
    - Prevents a piece of furniture from decaying. SYNTAX: VARNISH <furniture item>.