Combat Tips

13.11 Combat Tips

1) Know your abilities inside and out. Simply having the abilities does you no

2) Always be efficient in your use of equilibrium and balance.

3) Pick your spot for a fight. Do not be goaded into fighting in unfamiliar
   territory unless you are willing to accept this disadvantage.

4) Keep yourself prepared as far as defences and equipment. Always keep as many
   defences up as possible, so that you are ready in case you are surprised.
   Preparation is one of the most important parts of combat, and dying because
   you were not prepared is just as much your fault as dying due to anything

5) Memorize what attacks correspond to what afflictions, and practice curing
   them quickly.

6) Get yourself a good client, such as Zmud, and set up macros. It is not
   possible to fight adequately without macros and aliases.

7) Try to learn as much as possible about the capabilities of other classes.

8) Practice

9) Practice

10) Practice